Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Banana Slugs!

Connor is on a basketball team for the first time this year and he is loving it. The name Banana Slugs comes from the yellow and black jerseys and his coach is our longtime family friend (and his future father in law) Rob Coffman.


Mind you, these are all 6 year olds but Connor is pretty darn good. The first game he scored at least 7 times but since that game, because of the exciting cheering he gets when this happens, he tends to be a ball hog. We're working on that.


(If you look really close in this picture you can see him whistling. He whistled the music from Harry Potter the entire game)


This is the first sport he has played that when he is done he is dripping with sweat. It is a good workout for him. He's excited to go to practices and games for the basketball itself but...

mostly to see Isa.


Aunt Patty said...

gooooooo Connor!!!!

Auntie Jan said...

He has his priorities straight!! Go Connor GO!!!!!!!!!