Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scary Calling

Fitting, that October is the scariest month because I just so happened to have had the scariest thing I can think of happen to me. I am now the new Primary president and filled with great fear. I am losing my mind a little. Here is the part where I put out a request to anyone who has some really great ideas or some fun things that they do or have seen in other primary's. I love to see what other Lady's do to keep unruly children under control or some fun sharing time ideas the kids haven't seen yet. Let me know, I am desperately in need of some feedback!


The Deans said...

Hey Jaime,

You will do so well with that calling!! I love to see pictures of your kids!! Hope that you are doing well!


Shelbi and Bryant said...

Jaime if anything you should start another blog to share all the wonderful things you will be doing...yea a little scarely but defiantely not to much for jaime!! good Luck! Don't forget to pray...about everything...!