Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calling all good recipies!!

I am in need of really good recipes that after they are made are easily frozen. I am in a "make a meal" group with a bunch of girls and we make 10 meals, freeze them and then once a month we get together and swap! It has been so much fun, and ideal for me (being the only Olsen on the planet that does not cook from scratch and it turns out amazing) because I always have a good homemade meal in my freezer waiting for me. I love it!! But, I am running out of good meals that I know freeze well and taste good after freezing. So please help me out if you know of one. The only thing is it has to be able to feed a family of 6.
I would love your ideas!! Thanks


Josh and Jena said...

I've heard that soups freeze pretty well. Do you already have tons of soup recipes? If not I'll pass some your way but if you already do then I'd rather give you something else. I'll have to think.

Also, I do try some of the contraptions! We have an underwater treadmill in our back yard that I use a fair amount, but I haven't as of yet tried the anti-gravity one. I want to do it soon though! =)

Kara's Blog said...

For some reason your blog still shows up funky on my computer, and I can barely read,because the background covers the words.. but oh well. I also am into soups right now.. next time I see I can make you a yummy tortellini soup and show you how to make it. I don't usually follow recipes, but I could also show you how to make yummy chicken enchiladas. I can't wait to see you at christmas. We are going to stay here for thanksgiving :(.

Anita said...

Hey Jamie this is Anita....I always look at your blog but have never posted something... but even though banana bread isn't a meal it freezes really well in foil, and it's easy to make....Mark really likes it for breakfast. If you want a recipe just hala back. :-)