Saturday, March 15, 2008

Melt my Heart!

My little Connor lives in a girly world, being at home with 3 girls all the time, and so I try whenever I can to make sure I boy things up a little like..that's handsome,( instead of pretty), or go get your underwear, (instead of panties), or "costumes" instead of "dress up's". So, today was extreamly stressful and I was in sweats, and my hair in braids, my house is a mess, and I finally get dinner on the table and sit down to take a breath and I look over at my sweet son with his his chin resting in his palms staring right at me. I laughed and said what Connor and he smiled back his crooked smile and said " Mommy... your hansome."

He melts my heart!!!


Kara's Blog said...

That is so cute. Jaime, you are handsome and pretty all at the same time. Oh.. I love the pictures.

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Ohhhh! I don't get to experience the things that little boys do and say. I love that.