Friday, December 5, 2008

The No-Snowflake Festival!

Last night was the 25th anniversary for the Klamath Falls Snowflake Festival. Cold as ever, but NO snow! This year was awesome because Scott and I got to sit with Macie and watch our other 2 kids be IN the parade. It was so fun. My mom is a volunteer diver for the Klamath Falls Sheriff's department....(yea, I know. hehe)... and they had a "boat float" this year. So my mom ended up with Ellie, Connor and Brynlie on a boat in 20 degree weather with no treats and no bathroom in sight. Brave woman.
*Sidenote, mystery scarf women= LeeLou

It all went really well though and in Ellie's words.."That was the best Parade EVER!"

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Julie said...

Oh no you di'int!