Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The "lick" list!

Ok, My son Connor is just the sweetest little mamma's boy! I love him to pieces! With that said, Connor has an interesting bad habit! (Other mothers, please tell me this is normal)
Connor licks EVERYTHING!!
I don't know if it is a texture thing, or just curiosity, but I swear I tell him every 5 minutes, "Connor stop licking that!!" or "Connor, keep your tongue in you mouth! That is disgusting."
I really noticed, last year that this was an issue, when we were all at a Pizza place downtown at a big family get together and a few booths over there was a birthday party going on. I am talking with my little sister and eating pizza when I hear my other family members gasping and bolting for the neighboring booths! I turn to look and there is Connor licking the birthday boy's big beautiful cake! The father of the boy was the only one that really saw any of this and didn't really know how to react, so when he thought no one was looking he simply turned the cake around so the licked off icing part was facing away from the party guests! I was so embarrassed.
My dad thought it would be funny to make a little list of all of the things that we have caught Connor licking over the past year! * Mind you some are completely disease ridden and one might think, where was his mother when this happened. I was there, I promise. He is a sneaky little guy* So here goes:
*Other peoples birthday cake
*Christmas ornaments
*Broom handles
*Cigarette butt's (under Auntie Julie's supervision on this one)
*Something pink and sticky off of the ground in the Walmart parking lot
*His sisters face (like 3 times a day)
*Tree bark
* Tables at restaurants
*Goldfish bowl
*A total strangers coffee cup
* My hair
*His shirt sleeves
*Daddy's chap stick (sorry Scotty)
*Flowers, leaves and sticks!
What am I to do??


Favorite Sister said...

ha! That's hilarious. First he couldn't keep his hands off his wiener, and now he can't keep his tongue in his mouth. I hope this doesn't keep up when he gets into High school!! hahaha jk! ;)

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Oh my gosh Jaime I am just laughing so hard! I love it. My sister Andrea is always having to tell her kids to stop licking things. They often lick the toilet in the walmart bathroom. Hopefully it's a phase huh!

GiGi said...

Wait 'til he licks a metal pole covered with ice and his tongue sticks to it and he can't get it off! Let's hope he stops before this happens. Then - what will be his next habit???? What a boy!

Julie said...

Oh don't worry Lauren, he still gets plenty of weiner lovin.
And in my deffense I must say that you too were there during the cigarette butt licking (which I would call more of chewing then licking).
You need to explain the walmart ground licking one. Classic. Kinda makes me want to barf just thinking about it.

Mom said...

Yeah...that definitely comes from the Olsen genes.....

Kara said...

That is hilarious and disgusting all at the same time :). Oh Connor, you little cutie.

Tiffany Hewlett said...

sick sick sick-I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. just kidding-but shudder at the walmart parking lot and the comment someone left of the toilet seats, i am getting physically ill!

Heather Olsen Wilson said...

I love that Connor! He is a curious and adventurous boy. I can see him as an archaeologist or an anthropologist. I love that every kids goes through something that we worry about and some how we all have survived. I still smell everything!! First thing when I get a new book or magazine I have to smell it. Jamie your such a great mom to have humor about this.

Suzanne Campbell said...

Oh my gosh Jaime this post made me die laughing!! Can I just say I love reading your blog? I wish I lived closer to you so we could actually see each other!