Friday, May 22, 2009

Crafty Mama!

My mom has some amazing talents. We are going to bear lake this summer for a week and my mom made these for all of the grand kids for the beach.

Connor and Kelson got pirate bag's:

Ellie got a hula girl bag:

A fish one for herself:

Brynlie's is a mermaid:

And Macie's is a crab, but it is under construction.
Thanks MeeMa!


GiGi said...

She continues to amaze me. These are darling, darling, darling!

Auntie Jan said...

I already put my order in for a mermaid one, sight unseen. I can't believe she made those, SOOO cute. I think she ordered them on line...... Auntie Jan

Josh and Jena said...

Is there anything your mom can't do? She is AMAZING. You got her craft gene for sure.
And I LOVE those plates. Don't let Julie and Lauren discourage you from putting such things up! =) I love all your fun finds and craft ideas.

Mamaappah said...

Such a talented family you have. So cute!

Marimom said...

Dang that Meemaw...I don't want to hear anymore that she doesn't sew, etc. She is amazing. Wish we lived closer so we could craft together.

SuzyQ said...

Those bags are so awesome! I love them! We can't wait to see you guys this summer!