Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun and games

We have been Christmas crazy over at our house. I LOVE this time of year, everything is so exciting and full of magic.
We have been wrapping presents, drinking hot cocoa, making snow forts and having snowball fights. This year I have 2 kids in school so making treats for their friends and teachers has been major time consuming! Connor has 12 in his class and 25 for Ellie. I have made A LOT of these!!So we needed a break! Scott and I went out on a date night with our friends Scott and Cassie and came home to play games. I thought I would just put the kids to bed so we could have a quiet night... but did I mention that Scott and Cassie are some of my kids favorite people!!
And for some strange reason :) they like our crazy kids too. So we all played games together. This game is a long time tradition in the Mortenson family. My Dad has played it with all of my sisters and I and all of our friends. If you ever had my dad for seminary, you too may have played this game.
It's called the Flour Game and you have to make a tight mound of flour and put a piece of candy on top. We used whoppers this time. You each take a turn shaving off the flour with a knife without making the candy fall. If it does.......You have to get it with your mouth!!! No hands!

We love you Stevens!!! Thanks for being such good sports!


Rachel Garcia said...

Tooo Fun!

Ruthie Girl said...

I totally love the marshmellow idea. I am looking for a Christmas handout, can I copy? What does it say?

Mamaappah said...

That is so funny! My favorite is the picture of Scott (stevens). Awesome.

mom/Anne said...

I needed a pick-me-up tonight, and your blog did the trick! I love to read abut all the things you guys are doing. I'm sad I didn't get to hear Ellie sing with Scott, though. I'm a big fan.

Auntie Patty said...

Jaime you have such a cute family! You are a good mommy, I still can't believe number 4 is on the way! I always remember you telling me you wanted 4 children and i thought you were nuts, but after seeing you with your kiddos,you can do it! I'm so proud of my little Jaime! Merry Christmas! Love you