Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spoiler Alert

If your name is Brynlie and you are turning 5 next week...and you just happen to be blogging....DON'T LOOK!!
TURN AWAY!!......

because your favorite Auntie made you one of these!
We even tested it out a little.We think you will like it!!


Kara said...

Oh my gosh Jaime,
I need one of those. Seriously! My kids would freak out if they had one. Just saying.... I would even pay you for all of the materials and time!! You have to sell those on Etsy!

Mom said...

Oh my goodness!! I bet you didn"t even have a pattern!! You're AMAZING!!!!

GiGi said...

WOW!!! Will your talent never end?? Almost wish my name was Brynlie!!!

Josh and Jena said...

Oh my gosh that is so freaking cute. Can I pay you to make one for Logan? I know he's young and probably won't get it for another 2 years but seriously that is adorable!!!!!!!