Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a list of maybe's

I am a list maker! My husband will forever tease me about it but I will never change.
"Hey Jaime, we are leaving in 3 weeks is your list done yet?"
"Hey Jaime, I'm headed to the park with the kids do I need a list of what they can play on?"
"Oh,what's wrong.. you look sad...........do you need to make a list?"

I've heard them all. There is just something to be said about the writing down of things that need to get done and then having the satisfaction of checking them off when I complete them. Just today I made a list out of scatterbrained frustration and because of it I have crossed off 5 things this evening alone and I am much less stressed out.

Anywhoo, the reason for my rambling is that yesterday while I was cleaning under my bed I found a box that I have kept since I was in high school that has clippings of wedding dresses and beautiful cake ideas I had collected. Some craft ideas and color schemes that I would love in my house when I got married, then as time went on I added Parenting advice I had clipped out of books and pregnancy things. But what made me stop and take a second look was the list of names I had written down for our first baby. (when I still didn't know if she was a girl or a boy)
It made me think how weird it would be if we had gone with another name. Just for fun here is the list:

Baby Girl=
-Brylee (this was the name that we actually had picked out and then switched it on month 8)
-Reesa (sonrisa is smile in Spanish, and we liked the way the last part sounded)

Baby Boy=


Rachel Garcia said...

That is too sweet ;)

GiGi said...

I'm a very big list maker too - have one going every day. Maybe it's in the genes!!!!! See you next week.

Amberlie said...

i love lists, I cannot survive without them.