Monday, January 10, 2011


I really don't know how we hadn't known about Annie Creek here in Oregon. It's just the best sledding place EVER!!
Scott and his buddy took all the kids one day a month or so ago and they spent 6 hours in the snow sledding. All the kids were even in the newspaper for their sledding skills.

Scott loved it so much he said we had to go back again soon so we loaded up the snow gear and headed up with some other families.

Sawyer and I mostly stayed in the little lodge they have up there and stayed nice and toasty by the fire.


They have a huge hill full of about 5 or so sledding runs. Across the "bowl" they have runs for snowboarders, skiers and some of our friends even went snowshoeing.
The kids wore themselves out going down and then climbing back up. The first day we went the snow was nice enough that the kids didn't even use sleds they just laid down and went on their belly's.
We brought our whole family up here during the Christmas break and needless to say we have been several times since. Fun little day trip that poops the kids out and they sleep so good that night.

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Mamaappah said...

You must must must invite the Appah's next time you go up!