Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tonight at homework time:
Connor: "Mom, my pen is pregnant right?"

Me: ".....who's-a-what'y?"

Connor: "Is my pen pregnant?"

Me: "Connor, I have no idea what you mean. Think for a second and explain to me what your asking me about your pen."

Connor: " I hope my pen isn't pregnant cause I got it on my arm and I don't think it will come off."

Me: " Ohhhhh you mean permanent."

Connor: "Yea, that's what I said"


meg baker said...

Thank you Connor for that great laugh! I think that is the reason we have kids... for their excellent entertainment.

Kendra said...

this is awesome! you need to submit it to a parents magazine or something. it needs to be shared. :)

Auntie Jan said...