Saturday, April 14, 2012


Maybe I ate to many Cadbury chocolate mini eggs today.
Maybe I spent 30 minutes killing an army of ants trailing from my garage to the toy room downstairs because the kids left popcorn all over the ground.
Maybe I hid on the floor in front on my couch till some missionaries of another faith gave up knocking.
Maybe I am typing this at 3:13 PM in my pajamas.
Maybe my eyes are swollen because while my kids are out jumping on the trampoline I have been crying over video after video of 19 year old boys opening their mission calls on YouTube.....and then
I follow that up with half a dozen other boys coming home from said missions. (I dare you to watch this one and tell me you don't loose it too!!)
Maybe this morning we opened our windows up and sang We Built This City by Starship at the top of our lungs. And not even a bit embarrassed about it.
Maybe it's Saturday, and it's sunny outside, and I am now going to go join my kids on the my pajamas.

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