Monday, October 22, 2012


I have vivid memories of my father in law, (well before he was my father in law)  up at 5:30am, every day of the school week, in very short bright pink shorts.....running!
In fact some of Scott's sisters could often be seen running right along side of him, and still do.
 But Scott....never.
Mind you, Scott was always very active in other sports like basketball, and swim team but running was never something he liked.

Out of the blue this last May Scott decided to give running a shot. Minus the super short neon pink running shorts. :)
Still not loving it he kept on going. And going.

His morning runs with his friend have now, over the last 5 months, helped him run a 5 mile race, a 10k, a 15k, and a sprint triathlon at Lake of the Woods.
I am super proud of him.

And this Saturday he is going to try the biggest race he has been in yet, a half marathon in Lebanon Oregon.

Just amazing. Love you Scotty!

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Auntie Jan said...

I would LOVE to see Scott in those little pink shorts!!! Run, Scott, run!!!