Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Brie the Bullet and the Black Cat

Murder a la carte.

This is my amazing friend Cassie Stevens (who is preggo with twins but you would never be able to tell). 

She and her hubby Scott invited a group of friends over to their home in October for a murder mystery dinner. Everyone came in costume and had SUCH  a good time.
The theme was set in the 1940's in Casablanca.
My Scott actually wasn't able to go last minute so I Nicole and I got to go solo.

I'm telling you, everyone got so into their characters not only with the costumes but with accents and detective work.

There was a Danish art dealer, a crazy Gestapo Officer, a Deputy Mayor of Casablanca and his wife a former dancer, and even an androgynous French cabaret singer with a Husky voice. It was so fun.
I got to be Countess Bogov who is suppose to be an exiled Russian aristocrat, glamorous and mysterious and a passionate anti-communist.


The food was great and the conversation but best of all the company. Everyone had a blast and we are going to have to make that happen again next year.

Thank you Stevens!!!

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