Monday, April 29, 2013

Fooled ya

I kicked this month off with a bang for the kids on April Fools morning. I had been saving up ideas for a month because I was so excited to pull some fun pranks all day.
So first thing in the morning they were surprised to see that their teeth had been turned blue while brushing them... 

Then when getting their clothes out for the day each child was surprised to see that all of their underwear in their drawer had been sewn together...

And while gathering up their backpack's they found out that they had all been turned inside out and zipped up...
They also discovered that all of their light switches were taped down and they got a spray in the face when getting a drink. Needless to say they were on edge as to when the next prank was coming.

For dinner we invited our Macdonald cousins and family over and Grandma and Grandpa Mortenson to enjoy our Fools CafĂ©. This dinner was tricky because each person was given a menu with 20 coded food items. They each had to write down 5 items per course, not knowing what they had ordered.
Some choose wisely and got utensils with a course (even if the food you got that course called for them or not)
Some ended up with ham and finger foods, but no potatoes for their gravy, and no ice cream for their chocolate sauce...
I think this order was my favorite of the night. All the silverware at one time including a toothpick and a water. yum.
It was so fun for us to watch the kids try to figure out how to eat random things. Like Jello with a knife.
They did some good improvising.
We are already plotting for next year!
 We had a happy April Fools.

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meg baker said...

You are awesome. I love that you actually do all these fun activities. Maybe someday I will have the energy to do it.