Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trick or Treat


Halloween is such a fun time and Holiday. This year all the kids picked out their own outfits (except Sawyer who didn't care what he was) and helped me gather stuff to make them. I ended up with pictures of all of them except Ellie who was Medusa,  because we got her ready at the same time we had a bunch of family's over for a pre-trick or treating dinner. It was a bit crazy but a fun night with friends.

Macie wanted to be a deer. I looked up how to do face paint for a deer and this is what it turned out like. . Pretty darn cute little deer.

Sawyer was a little homeless man :)

 And of course Connor chose to be the Minecraft guy.

For dinner I tried the yucky Jello worms I had been wanting to try and the turned out so cool! It took the kids a little while to even try them.
And we had our eyeball taco salad's again.

And to top it all off Scott made a pumpkin pie from scratch out of our Halloween pumpkins.

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