Saturday, May 31, 2008

rain rain go away!

It has been pouring rain for 3 days straight, so we got creative and made coin jars for the kiddos. We are going through a fighting phase at our house and Connor and Ellie seem to fight even more when cooped up in a house all day. So I talked to my friend and she told me about her kids coin jars. My kids now know if they do all there chores without complaint, they get a penny. If I see them dong nice things for eachother, they get a penny and so on.... once they hit 10 pennys they get a tiny treat, and other amounts equal bigger things. On Saturday we sit down and cout out our coins and pay our tithing. My kids are so excited to be able to take there tithing to the Bishop on Sundays. It has worked great in the store, cause I keep a handful of pennys in my bag and I can give them out at the store if needed. Ellie takes her purse everywhere now and Connor sticks them right in his pocket. It has been a huge stress reliever for Mommy!

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Niki said...

Hi Jaime,
Great idea maybe a coin jar would slow my kids down from stealing every coin they see. A while back Kymber decided she wanted to buy something and she brought out her piggy bank and had over $20.00 in change. Love all of the pictures and we are excited to see everyone one in a few weeks!