Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was walking past Ellie's room yesterday and had to stop and grab my camera. Ellie was jumping on her bed and would fall down for Macie and she would laugh and laugh. She was laughing so hard that it made Ellie laugh even harder. It was so cute, I am so glad that they both have a sister to play with. I hope that they stay happy with each other for a long time...well that is until they are pulling each others hair out over a shirt...let's say a really cute new pink shirt...that gets stolen from the other sister....and gets ironed...when there is spandex in the shirt..and it ends up with a huge burnt spot the shape of an iron across the chest.......sound familliar JULIE!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

It's been 10 years...get over it!! It was an ugly shirt anyways

Josh and Jena said...

You are so funny!!! THat sounds all too familiar for Jessi and me also...except we fought when we were little and then became BFF in high school.

Laura said...

haha...I was there for that very memorable tiff. I have lots of fond memories of the Mortenson househole.