Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trashy shows!!!

So I was talking with a couple of my friends the other night about what kind of junk/crap shows that we secretly watch. I have to say I love to watch award shows, it is my downfall and my Dad reprimands me every time I do it! Anyway, I came across a show on the WE channel called Toddlers and Tiaras! I think this one takes the cake. It is sooooo crazy ridiculous! I feel so bad for the sweet little girls that are put through all of that. The episode that I watched (couldn't turn the channel, it was like watching a train wreck) a mother was forcing her 3 year old little girl into a spray tan machine and she was screaming the whole time. Then she preceded to put a "flipper" in her mouth (fake teeth)
and about a 1/2 pound of make up and made her parade around for a panel of middle aged men!! What are people thinking?


Josh and Jena said...

Okay, so I was just catching up on all your new posts. They are all so cute. I COMPLETELY know what you mean about stupid, trashy shows; Bunko night looked like a blast; Macie is so cute, Connor adorable, and Ellie is so big and so creative with that cute Valentines necklace. And sweet! I want to come to your sounds like fun!

Kara said...

Crazy.. that is all I can say.