Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scary mommy moment!

So I thought for sure we had been so lucky this winter and avoided getting sick or hurt, but on Sunday night Ellie started complaining about her ear hurting her. She has never had an earache before so to her this was the end of the world. She was up all night and in the morning I took her into the doctors office and sure enough she had a "raging ear infection". As we were leaving, poor girl threw up all over the floor at the office.

So after giving her a dose of antibiotics and Motrin, she slept pretty much all day. When she woke up she had a little bit of a bloody nose and was in a lot of pain still. An hour later she came to me saying she couldn't hear out of her ear very well and when I looked at her ear I saw BLOOD!! AHHHHH!

So scary! I tried to call her doctor, but they were closed, then I called a 24 hour nurse hot line and she told me to take her to the hospital. Then I called the on call # for her doctor and that nurse said to take her in too. So I rushed her to Basin Immediate and they think she has 2 ear infections, and possibly a canal infection. There might be a hole in her eardrum or canal and that is where the blood is coming from.

Anyway all is well now and she is on the road to recovery! I on the other hand am scarred for life. ;(


Anonymous said...

Oh my heck!!! That is scary. I'd be FREEKING OUT if I saw blood coming out of her ear... then again, you are a much more experienced mother than I am.
Glad to hear things are going better and that she's getting better... it's tough being sick!

Kara said...

How Scary!! I will be in Klamath at the Becerras all weekend as of Friday afternoon. Come swimming with us on Saturday??? I hope Ellie is all better now!

Kara said...

Bye the way, I just realized that Ellie probably won't be able to swim... duh.. :)

mom/Anne said...

I love all your pictures Jaime! I haven't been on the blogs in a few weeks, so it's great to get caught up. I just love seeing all the fun things the kids do. Poor Ellie. I hope she's better now. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It makes me feel loved. You're the best!