Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 12 hours at the Tulelake Fair

In the 12 hours on Saturday,
the Fair brought to me...
12 yummy doughboys
11 cows a- stinkin'
10 trips to the potty
9 Thousand degree weather

8 sanitizer applications
7 ducks a-floating

6 bouts of almost puking
5 kernels down my shirt

4 more yummy doughboys
3 impatient ladies

2 maids a-milking

and a semi famous, mildly entertaining singer next to me!


Josh and Jena said...

Haha. After checking Julie's post I had to check yours. Equally as fun and entertaining. You girls are too fun.

meg baker said...

You are so cute! Well our family is moving to Idaho Falls soon. Hope all is well with your family!

The Chambers Family said...

Very cute post! Looks like fun:) We need to get together for a temple trip!

Kara said...

Oh... I so want a doughboy!