Monday, September 28, 2009

I'll be your Huckleberry

I knew that our warm weather was coming to an end, so for our 3rd quarterly activity this year in Primary, my presidency and I decided to have one last hurrah outdoors! On Saturday we had a Tom Sawyer themed activity. A lot of the kids came dressed as Tom Sawyer or Becky Thatcher. We had about 32 kids in total when all was said and done.
Aunt Polly came to talk to the kids about who Tom Sawyer was and what kind of fun activities he and his friends played back then. Next, we got to try them out.
We had a pie eating contest:

And thumb wrestling contests:

A little bit of cracker whistling:

Then it was on to the relay's. First up; sack races:

Then wheelbarrow races and 3 legged races:

They each got a turn at catching fish:

Picket fence painting:

And the log roll:

After all of that fun and games we rested and ate our yummy dirt cups with worms!

Then we sang some songs and ended the activity with a good old fashion tug of war.

I sure do love being in Primary and can't say that I would have more fun anywhere else!


Josh and Jena said...

I love your activity ideas. We are in the middle of planning our next primary activity and needed some ideas. Unfortunately ours is in November, so outside would be pretty hard but we do some fun things like that in the gym. Either that or I'll have to remember it for next year. You're so creative!

GiGi said...

Love your activity and the pictures. You have a great presidency - and the kidlets will always remember this time in their lives. I have great admiration for you and your talents. Your primary kids are lucky to have you!

Sara said...

Such a cute idea! The kids had a blast, they talked about the rest of that day and the next! You guys are awesome!

Tiffany Hewlett said...

It was a big success, as always! Woothoot! I am stealing some of these pics for my blog just FYI-I'll give you props though k? Next up the PROGRAM...oooo spookier than Halloween! luvyabye!