Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I recently bought some beginner piano books so I could take advantage of the piano in our home. My kids beg me to teach them all the time and I don't play at all, Scott just a little.
I worried that teaching them might be super hard and not so much fun for them but to my surprise, we ALL love it.
Ellie wiz's through it and Connor really likes to practice. Although he does always ask to play the "angry notes" which apparently are the Low notes!
All in all, the loud plinking of random notes that once was is slowly but surly turning into little songs and it is lovely!!


GiGi said...

I'm so happy to see Ellie and Connor learning to play the piano - I hope they keep going. Macie will follow before too much longer I bet. They will have to play a tune for me next time I'm there!!

The Boyter's said...

Good for you!!! that is fun...I don't know if I could tolerate the noise...so kudos to you!!

The Duckworth Family said...

OH dang! I missed the giveaway! totally cute on the piano, I'm hoping to start Maliyah soon. AND on the video of connor...how long did it take to empty just the silverwear!? Too cute. Oh and we got an 11 year teacher called. We need to chat about your boys joining us.