Monday, June 14, 2010

family summer list

Sunday we sat down as a family and listed off some of the things we wanted to do this Summer. Scott has classes for his Masters so we won't be doing much out of town traveling to far away places. So the kids threw out some of their "want to do's" and I wrote down a few goals and we came up with a Summer List.
Don't look to close... I can not spell to save my life.
Anyway, we started working on the list today. I wanted my kids to keep up on their writing and reading throughout the summer and thought that having a pen pal to wright to a few times a month would be so fun. Getting something with their name on it in the mail would be even more fun. I figured eventually the kids could have a few different pen pals but for now we just have some -in town- pen pal friends.
They spent some serious time on putting together their first letters this morning and even made some sweet collages! I think we are gonna have a FUN summer.


Auntie Patty said...

Great summer ideas Jaime!!! Like mother like daughter on the spelling!! LOL I thought you were more like your Auntie Patty!!! The kids are darling.....good mom!

Rachel Garcia said...

We are so with you on the doing things in town ~ if you ever need extra hands give me a call my kids love arts and crafts projects and I am sure would love to help your kids do some as well! The Geocaching thing sounds fun as well!!

SuzyQ said...

What a fun idea! Then when your kids say they are "bored" you can have them go look at the chart to find something to do! You will have to report on your geocaching adventures. I am excited to hear how it went.

suzanne said...

Uh, I so have a big fire pit out the front of my house that you are more than welcome to use anytime. I have everything you need but marshmallows! And did I see swimming on there? My pool will be open as soon as it warms up! Would love to have you come up and swim............Tiffany and April were a fixture in my backyard last summer. You'd fit right in! Hope your eye is doing better.