Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Why a spoon cousin?"

Has anyone seen the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves?
Well then you may be familiar with this lovely woman:
My family has become very familiar to this face as well because if you replace the white in her eye with red.... that is what I have been sporting for the past 2 weeks.
I'll recap the "EYE" story for those of you who even care, but if you don't you might want to keep a' blogging elsewhere because it's really long.
About a month ago I was at home and it was late. As I was watching TV all of the sudden I saw flashes in my left eye. It was almost like someone was taking pictures and all I could see was the flash, over and over. When Scott got home I told him all about it and he said I should go to bed.
The next morning my eye seemed fine. So I kinda forgot about the whole thing. A few weeks later I was driving and it was really bright outside. I kept noticing a few hairlike grey lines in my peripheral vision in that eye. As the week went on the lines turned into a half circle and was now really dark grey.
I, (being just like my father) thought "I'm fine. It will go away." Scott was really worried and told me to tell our friend Scott Stevens who is an eye doctor/surgeon about it. I said no because I don't want to be that friend who comes across as the... oh your a doctor.. look at this.. type.
So 2 weeks ago Scott Stevens comes up to me at church and says " When are we gonna look at that eye of yours?" I knew right away my Scott had told him and I was totally embarrassed but I agreed to go after church to his office just to make sure I didn't have a tumor and I was dying! (my worst fear)
We were there not even a half an hour when he said, "Well I have good news and bad news. You have a detached retina and it is going to require surgery. But it hasn't reached the good seeing part of your eye yet."
This is a picture of what a detached retina looks like. It can happen to anyone at anytime and is like wallpaper when it falls down from the wall of your eye.
I was in shock, I had never had surgery before!!! I thought... ok, so I am having the baby on Wednesday, maybe surgery the next week? Then I hear him talking on the phone to a on call eye retinal surgeon in Medford telling him I could be there "tonight" in a matter of hours!!
The next 3 hours were a blur of running home grabbing kids, driving to Medford to drop kids off at Scott's parents, receiving a blessing, and ending up in an Ashland hospital room scared to death!
Because I was delivering a baby in 3 days I wasn't able to be knocked out and had to have a local. I just knew that I was going to see needles coming at my eye and would LOSE it.
So as I sat and waited I was working myself up so much that I started having braxton hicks contractions. Which then turned into regular contractions. Which in turn started to become Very intense and about 4 minutes apart. The doctors were now worried that they might be delivering a baby as well as eye surgery.
But in the end the surgery went great and I couldn't see a thing, and my water didn't break while I was laying flat on my back for 2 hours in the OR. They preformed a procedure called Scleral buckling surgery where they put a band around my eyeball. eeewwww!
I am so thankful to my wonderful hubby for putting my health first and to Scott Stevens (who is the best eye guy in town...everyone give him your business please, he is awesome) for being such a good friend and taking such good care of me.
I will have a nasty looking eye for quite a while longer but on the up side my friend Rachel bedazzled me these sweet eye I'll be seeing you around town me mateys. With one good eye that is.
The end.


The Gerbers said...

hahaha That's awesome.

Miss K said...

awesome good story!! glad that your eye is doing good. :) xoxo!

Auntie Patty said...

you look skinny already! Sorry about your eye Jaime, but I am glad you had the surgery when you did!! How long do you have to wear the patch?

Molly said...

Love the eye patches! Hope your feeling good after your traumas! Can't wait to see your little guy!

Jaime said...

Aunt Patty, I really don't have to wear it anymore except that I have to keep my eye dialated so it is really sensitive to light all the time so a patch helps.
Stylin' huh!!

Boyters said...

oh my gosh...i can't believe having to go thru that.

Rachel Garcia said...

My Designer Line will be coming out in the Fall.....

Laura said...

Oh my goodness Jaime! I hope your eye gets better soon. And you know what? I always knew that witch reminded me of someone! The scary eye just brought it all together. Just kidding. All the love!

SuzyQ said...

What a great/sad/scary story! That totally happened to my dad last Thanksgiving and he had to have emergency surgery the next day. Gotta take care of those eyes! I can't even imagine going through that...then giving birth a few days later. You are a super trooper!!! I hope you are doing better now. xoxo-Suzy

Sam said...

You look cute. I hope you feel better soon! Love you :)