Sunday, August 8, 2010

BYU-I in the house

Scott and I take each of our kids on a date every month. Last week it was a Mommy-Ellie date. Earlier that day she thought she was going to be getting her cast off, so when the doctor told her 2 more weeks and put on a new one she was crushed!
So to cheer her up we both got our "Fancy Nancy" on, curled our hair... and I even let her put on a little bit of make-up. A HUGE treat to her! Then it was off to watch the BYU-I Alliance dance team.
We had a blast! They danced to a lot of songs that Ellie knew and she was dancing in her seat the whole time. Her favorites were the ones to Wicked and Mama Mia.
Such a fun girl to hang out with.
**Note to self, remember that taking a girl with a glow in the dark cast to a theater that turns the lights off between every act.....may be slightly embarrassing!


The Chambers Family said...

So fun. We saw them last week here in Grants Pass!

Rachel Garcia said...

I think that's cool!!!