Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turtle Bay- 2010

On our way home we made a stop at Turtle Bay in Redding. We hit it at a great time because they have an exhibit on GPS and Geocacheing.
(yes I am talking about it again, I think it is so fun)This exhibit was huge, and set up like a maze but also like a map with Mt. Hood in the top corner and different lakes and monuments.
You had to first get your tracking card and then start down the first corridor.

Along the way you learn about different things pertaining to using a GPS, or hiking, or Geocacheing, ect.

Their are 6 different locations you are lead to that, in order to continue, you have to solve a puzzle, look for a hidden cache box or decipher a code, that will ultimately give you a 4 digit pass code that unlocks the door to the next corridor. The kids had so much fun punching their cards at each location. I reverted back to being 14 and my inner "Goonie" came out. I may or may not have squealed once or twice when we found the secret pass codes.

When you have finished the trek you can use your final coordinates and punch them into a GPS unit they let you borrow and go outside into the surrounding wetlands and do an outdoor geocache....we choose not to because it was about 100 degrees outside. Such a great adventure and a nice break in the road trip home.

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Auntie Jan said...

GeoWHAT????? Boy, do I feel old!