Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Soy Sauce

Our little Sawyer is getting so big.

Part of me is so excited that he can now hold his head up and suck on his hands keeping him busy for 10 minutes and then I stop and think...forget the dishes,the sewing, the running around, all I want him to do is stop growing, stay pudgy and lay on my chest all day so I can smell him.

I am reading the most amazing "mothering" book right now (thanks Jena) and I was just blown away by this quote:
"Sometimes success is when we don't get through the to-do list but instead stop long enough to notice the little things. To savor moments. Not only to notice the delight in our children's eyes, but to help create that delight"
I love being a mommy.


GiGi said...

I love your being a mommy too!!

Auntie Patty said...

what a doll!!!! enjoy every minute!!! he is absolutely perfect!!!

suzanne said...

You two do make beautiful babies! And being a mom is truly the best.........couldn't agree more!

Auntie Jan said...

I miss Sawyer SSSSOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

He is a real cutie! So handsome