Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Days

We are back in school and back on a schedule. Ellie started (2nd) on Tuesday and Connor (Kindergarten) today.
First day for both went off without a hitch (except the day before, Connor biffed it on his scooter and now has some pretty awesome road rash)

The only tears shed were from Macie who DID NOT want to leave. "I go to school mama, my school" she sat her little bum down on the floor in the hall and folded her arms. She was so mad at me for wanting to leave that when another helpful mother noticed that this scenario had Potential Melt Down written all over it and offered to Macie that she could go home with her (thinking Macie would stand up and run to me).... Macie says. "Sure, do you have bubbles?"
Looks like those- don't talk to stranger lectures- are working great.
And did I mention how much I love having just 2 at home. All day.

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