Saturday, September 25, 2010


Tomorrow Sawyer will be 4 months!! wow. He becomes more of a little person each day. He loves to laugh and gives the cutest gummy smiles. Lately, he loves to suck in his lower lip like this:
He is still a tremendous sleeper. He only wakes up once a night to nurse. His eyes have turned a beautiful chocolate brown and have the little stripe of color coming off the pupil (like a marble), just like his sister and daddy do.
We think he might have the lightest hair out of the four of them. ?? We'll see. We are all wondering if he will get Ellie's curly hair. Sawyer loves his baths and needs them daily due to his constant drooling. By the end of the day his neck seems to smell a little like cheese....gross. Looks like I need to make this boy some bibs.

He is, let's just say WELL loved by all of his siblings. He is always being kissed and tickled and held. We just started giving him a little rice cereal 2 days ago and he so far is not a huge fan. He is nearing 20lbs, is in 6-12month clothes, and is already up to the top strap setting on his car seat.
I could just dip him in chocolate and eat him up.


GiGi said...

I could eat him without the chocolate! He is yummy.

Rachel Garcia said...

Wow --Lila only weighs 24 pounds... Sawyer is super funny!!

Niki said...

how cute is Sawyer, I can not wait to see him during Thanks Giving, so please go to St George :).