Wednesday, May 4, 2011

birthday boy

Last weekend Scotty turned 32. Thirty two people! And he is now WELL into his 30's. This got me thinking of how old he was when we first met and how I remember him, which is ironically a lot different than how he remembers it.
So on that note, I thought I would give you a little look back. Let's recap, shall we?

1979:Born. First (and only) brother to 4 sisters.

1984:Preschool. Now a brother to 5 sisters who on occasion dress him up as a little girl and take pictures.

1990:Obnoxious little 11 year old who tries to get neighbor boys to sneak out of their bedroom windows at 6:00 in the morning to come play outside. (those boys turned out to be his future wife's cousins)

1991:Meets a sweet 11 year old girl with frizzy permed hair who is new in his ward. (this is me)

1992: Jr. High. Pegged pants, hypercolor t-shirts...oh and now a hot new perm of HIS own. (not pictured, he would kill me)
1994:High school. (que Boys II Men-It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday) So into sports that he pays no attention to that once 11 year old/frizzy haired girl. Even though she comes to his house almost every day to jump on his trampoline with his little sister.

(ok here's the perm pic. Sorry hun.)

1996:Gives said girl rides to seminary and has the dirtiest car girl has ever been in. Still only interested in skateboarding and basketball.

1997: Graduates high school and heads off to Rexburg ID for college and then off to a 2 year mission in Chile.

2001: Home from mission, and back from school for the summer, the same time the girl is back from Salt Lake City for the summer. Flirts like crazy with the girl at a singles activity.

2001 and one day later: Asks girl out on a date to the movies. Then asks her out on a date every night after that one. Leaves for sisters wedding while girl is at her family each other every half hour.

End of 2001: Girl decides to live in Rexburg too. Takes her fishing and proposes on a cliff. Girl is SO excited because she just got engaged and calls to tell family. He calls his parents to tell them about the moose we just saw......sheesh...boys.

2001-December: Boy and girl get married. (release flock of white doves)

2003: Become parents the first time.

2005: Parents for the 2nd time.

2007: Then the 3rd.
2010: Then the 4th.

2011: Happy little family of 6, back in the town where it all started.

What an awesome 20 years it has been with this boy. He finally stoped wearing those vans and hypercolor t-shirts and turned into a caring and loving husband and father. Sometimes I pinch myself (then I pinch his butt because I LOVE pinching) that I'm married to him.
Happy Birthday loverbuns!!

I love you.


GiGi said...

Jaime: Loved, loved your story and pics of your most wonderful hubby. You're lucky girl - but then he's a very lucky guy. Love to you and your family. Happy Mothers' Day!!!

Cassi said...

Aw, this is sooooo cute! And we didn't know it was his birthday- Happy Belated Birthday, Scott!

Auntie Jan said...

Awwwwwwwwww!!! Too cute!! Give loverbuns 32 pinches from me!!!!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Scotty... I very much prefer your look now over the perm :).

Sam said...

I love you guys. I remember driving to school that summer... hanging out in your apartment looking at your box of "one day I will have in my wedding" stuff and ganging out and thinking you were pretty freaking awesome. But Scotty was my cousin, so of course he was awesome too. You guys made that first year of college SO amazing. Happy Birthday cuz! Love you both

Rachel Garcia said...

Super Cute Story!!! We had the Hypercolor shirts!! They were awesome!!!!

Molly M said...

Seriously, how could you NOT fall for a guy with a hypercolor shirt?

mom/Anne said...

Ah Jaime, how tender! This actually made me cry. It makes me happier than I can say. You guys are an awesome family. I'm so glad you and Scott found each other.

And congrats on your new calling. That's awesome. How fun to get to do so many fun things with the young women.