Friday, May 20, 2011

excited little girl

Scott has the state track meet this weekend and before he left he ran over to the kids school to see them. They don't ever usually get to see him at their school during school hours so they were pleased as punch. He scored even more cool points because he brought both their classes popsicles!
And after he picked up the school bus for the trip he stopped off at home to say bye to us.
He parked the bus out front and when Macie saw her Daddy get out of a "real school bus" she started jumping up and down.
So he took her on her own personal tour of a real school bus.

She was so cute.


She even got to sit in the drivers seat.

We sang and acted out the verse about the doors on the bus go open and shut....about 10 times.

We live to close to the school for any of my kids to get to ride a bus, so to Macie this was a Big Deal.

After he left she talked about it for hours and you can bet that was the first thing she told to the big kids when we picked them up from school.


GiGi said...

Macie: I want you to tell me all about the school bus when I see you in a couple of weeks. You are a lucky girl and have a very thoughtful daddy.

The Constantines said...

That is so adorable! Way to go Scott, those little things rock :)

Amber said...

I remember going to the the district office where all the school buses were parked and getting a 'tour' of a bus, too, before I started first grade. Fun times!