Monday, February 13, 2012

birthday in bend

Bend has become our new favorite getaway place. I have been up in Bend a few times in the last few months for different things and this weekend my mom and I surprised Julie and whisked her up there for a weekend of being spoiled for her 29th Birthday.

(See her surprised face!)

We missed Laur Laur the whole time. :( move here!

We have a favorite hotel there that is right in the center of everything we needed. Food, IMAX theater, and shopping!


To be honest..we all could have stayed in the hotel the entire weekend and would have been just as happy as ever.


The gym and pool are open 24 hours,comfy beds, the breakfast rocks, and they have warm chocolate chip cookies and cocoa for you when you walk in. Plus we got to smooch on this little chunk.....

We love you Leelou!!

And it is apparent from this photo that you love us right back, right?


meg baker said...

Do you guys have the same glasses only different colors? How fun to have fun sister and mom to do that with. I think I will tell my mom about this post hehe:)

Anonymous said...

You need to post my other photo bomb pictures. Come on.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea...and that weekend ruled.

Auntie Jan said...

I feel the love!!!!!!!!