Tuesday, February 14, 2012

crazy love

Our February has been fabulous so far. We are Valentine crazy over here.

Ellie had to make a valentine box for a school contest. Here's her final love monster;

She WON!!

These were her Valentines this year. She helped make about 3 of them and then said that she was giving up because "obviously you have to have three hands to do this."

These are Connor's army guy Valentines.

I love these! May even do them again next year.


And since Macie is everything cowgirl, we made these cute guns with holsters.


I really have started to love this Holiday more and more. We even started a new tradition with a mailbox Valentines morning at breakfast.

I love being their mom!

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GiGi said...

Jaime: absolutely darling valentines!!! You are sure your mother's daughter.