Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Actress

Ellie has always been a little on the dramatic side and Scott and I always thought that being in a play would be right up her ally. So when we heard that Miracle on 34th Street was going to be the community play here at our local theater (The Ross Ragland) we asked her if she would want to try out.
She of course jumped at the idea! Never having tried out for anything before and never having seen the movie or play, she was a little nervous about what she would have to do at try outs.
She had to choose a song to memorize and sing for auditions. She ended up picking "Teach Me To Walk" which is a song she has sung in church before.
She practiced and practiced and finally the day came. She sat and watched all of the seasoned actors get up and sing their songs and do a reading from the script.
When it was her turn she walked right up belted out her song. I'll tell ya, I was one proud mama.
Her read through was just as great.When asked which part she would like to have I turned to the woman to say that we were not very familiar with the characters but Ellie quickly said to her
" I want to be the Dutch girl!"

 Later I asked how she knew about the Dutch girl and she said her teacher Mr. Young said she would be so great as the Dutch girl. I knew that because Ellie thinks Mr. Young is comparable to a movie star and is also her idol....she just HAD to play the Dutch girl.
After the try out she got a call back! At the call back she was told she got the part of Hendricka the Dutch girl.
She was pleased as punch. She got her script and we looked at all of her lines and were shocked to find out that she speaks and sings a solo/duet with Santa.... in DUTCH.
2 months of rehearsals went by and finally it was opening night.
She did amazing!!
Not nervous at all and played her part to a T.
The play ran for 4 nights and we worked it so that she would have family at every single show.
Even Grandma Jan, Grandpa Allen and GiGi came from California to see her perform.
Here she is with Alex who played the lead, Susan.
And just when she thought the night couldn't get any better...who came to see her but her teacher Mr.Young. He and his daughter brought Ellie flowers and had her autograph their program.
We were so proud of our little actress. I think she discovered a new talent and hobby.

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Kara said...

Oh, I love hearing the whole story of it all. It's so cute that she adores her teacher so much and that he took time out to come.