Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunset Bay~2013 Part 1

In the middle of June, (over Macie's Birthday), we went camping over at the coast. We stayed at Sunset Bay which quickly became our favorite camping site EVER.

The campground is awesome but the best part is the fact that it is on it's own personal beach. It has kind of a little niche that comes off of the ocean and is surrounded by bluffs and beautiful hiking trails.
 The first day we were there it was a little drizzly. They have all sorts of things for kids to do there. This picture was in front of an outdoor movie screen where they also have activities for kids.
Next to the beach is a little stream where the kids collected all sorts of shells and dead crab parts. Fun.
The kids loved it. And because the waves weren't 4 feet high and there was no undertow I let them go out so much farther than they ever get to. 

More dead animal parts....

 The next day was Macie's Birthday and the weather was beautiful. SO warm. We were on the beach from 9am-3pm.
This boy was so happy.
 Like, SO happy!
We had the whole place to ourselves until about noon.
yet another creepy animal find.

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