Sunday, July 7, 2013

we have a ten year old....

On June 2nd our first baby turned 10!

It is a friend party year this year and Ellie choose to take some of her friends bowling. All the girls were given long silly socks to wear as they bowled their hearts out.

Then they came back for ice cream cake playing outside and presents.
Just to clarify, I swore to myself I had already purchased a number 10 candle...but in my frustrated attempt to find it Scott decided we would make the candles equal ten. It is a 6 plus a 4.


We love our Ellie so much. It is so much fun watching her grow up and become the woman she is going to be. She is really becoming so much fun to pal around with. I use to be a little afraid of her becoming a teenager but I have realized that I am more and more looking forward to it!
She is so caring and thoughtful to her siblings. She tries to be a peacemaker and teaches others to be as well. She is a fantastic helper. Ellie loves to read, draw, swim and she still LOVES to sing.
Happy Birthday Ellie Belly.

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