Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cousins, Polar Express and a Christmas Surprise!

The end of December was spent with our Olsen side cousins! I love that we live close enough to see Heather, Kris, and Kara's kids quite often. Connor and Devin were meant to be brothers...or twins.

We love cousins!

Christmas Eve was our traditional Polar Express night.

We look forward to this night all season. Sawyer got way into it this year.

Then we spotted Rudolph and knew it was time to get home and get into bed. 

Christmas morning was magical. We had a fun surprise for the kids. Scott and I made a video pretending to be spies. We challenged the kids to be spies as well and search for the hidden packets throughout the house and figure out the clues. 

They searched and found all the clues and on the last one were instructed to open all of the packets and figure out the surprise.



Heidi Ogao said...

So fun and such an awesome way to tell them! It's the little things that make it magical. I need to take lessons from you. :) said...

Wonderful kids, indeed :) I enjoyed looking at your photos, especially that one where all four of them are standing backward to the photographer :) Very nice!