Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ellie bellie

We recently had our first parent teacher conference!!
I realize this is nothing big but it was so fun for Scott and I to sit down and talk to Ellie's a parent and not a student. (I hated these in High School...hummm can't imagine why?) Anyway I just had to write about this story so I wouldn't forget it. Her teacher said Ellie is so funny and cracks her up all day, she loves to draw (especially our house..I swear she brings home 5 drawings of or house a week) and she also said...which came as no surprise here.."This girl loves to SING!!" She sings on the playground, at lunch and even in the bathroom.

She also told us that a few weeks ago a little boy came up and said that Ellie had said the "B" word. Her teacher really didn't think that Ellie would say such a word so she asked him what the word actually was. Sure enough he said the actual "B" word. So the teacher went to Ellie and said " Ellie, what did you say?" Ellie said...(and please your head use the most high school musical, valley girl voice) " I said Bitchaw Whatever....that isn't a bad word, just a sound, you can't get in trouble for a sound!"

I almost died...where does she hear this stuff! Funny, funny!


Josh and Jena said...

So I about died laughing just now! Ellie is so hilarious. I can't believe she is big enough to be in elementary.

Kendra said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! it totally sounds like something morgan would do. gotta love their innocent little minds!

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Oh my gosh that had me rolling!! What a funny little girl.

Boyters said...

that is sooo funny....we just went to teacher conference as well and the teacher said that mackenzie had to move her seat 3 times in the first month of school to get her to stop talking...and that sometimes james gets so excited about things he stands up on his are so funny