Saturday, July 25, 2009


We spent the day with our friends Spencer and Sarah up at their cabin at Lake of the Woods yesterday. They have this amazing cabin that has been in his family for generations filled with everything you could ever need and it was 6 feet off of the lake. BEAUTIFUL!! We had so much fun on the boat tubing and in the water. The kids favorite thing was to take out one of the row boats...all by themselves...out to the booie and back. Why so sore then?? Because of the ruthlessness of "certain boys" trying to make me crash into the water while water skiing, I now have whiplash and a nasty bruise on my rear! Just sayin.
I love summer!

No, Connor is not peeing into the lake, it's a squirt gun!

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Molly said...

where do I find some friends with a cabin and a boat?