Thursday, July 30, 2009

A week of firsts...

We are well into our big Summer Vacation and are spending a week in California first.
We have had some firsts that I thought I might share:

#1- Yesterday we were able to take swimming floaties off of Connor in the pool and he swims all over even in the deep end ALL BY HIMSELF!! (With us out there with him of course!)

#2- We have a pooper!!! That's right little Macie pooped in the toilet for the first time today!! Might not happen again, but none the happened!

#3- I have used my self control this trip and have not gone to IKEA although it is only 30 minutes away from me. The week isn't over yet.
#4- My little man got his first professional hair cut. I didn't get a chance to cut it before we left and he really needed it. He looks like such a big boy.

#5- I was awoken and serenaded to sleep by my aunt's neighbor....who oddly enough plays the BAGPIPES!!!

We are having too much fun!


Anonymous said...

hi Jaim!!! Darling pics! We'll be home tomorrow. Tell Connor I"m so proud of him, my little swimmer! 8 more years and he'll be my scuba buddie! XOXOXO Mom

Auntie Laur said...

That first picture of Connor is so stinkin cute!

Laura said...

Tim's in Sacramento...isn't that where you usually go? Sounds so fun. I need a vacation.

Auntie Patty said...

Connor is the bomb!! So cute!!