Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to the coast last week and had so much fun. We stayed here:
in beautiful Florence.
Scott went up to the house a few days earlier with the older 2 kids and my mom and I came up later with the little ones. Although, before my mom and I even reached Florence we got a call from Scott who was on his way to the ER with Ellie who had just broken her arm. NO FUN.
But after all of that drama, we got to the fun stuff.
It is so green there and they have such a fun downtown. My favorite day was the day we went to the HUGE farmers market right on the Pier and saw all the vendors and yummy food.
(This is obviously not the pier, it's the view from one of our decks on the lake)
Oh, and if you get the chance you have to eat at Moe's. It has the best clam chowder and fish n' chips!!
The beach was actually really warm but windy. Perfect for flying kites.
This town also has some awesome sand dunes that reminded me of the ones Scott and I use to go to in Rexburg.
This trip was not a shinning moment for my kids (probably due a lot to the broken arm). They had their fair share of meltdowns and arguments that.. I am just sure almost gave Grandma a stroke, but all in all we had a lot of family fun together. Thanks for hanging in there mom.


Laura said...

Oh no...poor Ellie. How did she brake her arm? I love Florence, and I am so jealous.

Boyters said...

That is so sad about breaking her arm...
My inlaws LOVE moes...but I don't like fish...but they have great garlic bread.....and we went to that same light house a few years ago...beautiful!!

Jaime said...

she fell off of the top of a soft play structure in the mall, yes... I said soft, leave it to Ellie.

Moes is so fun, such a fishermans feel to it, and I actually am not a big fish person either but if it is batterd and I can't see it...I can do it.

Rachel Garcia said...

How sad for Ellie~ at least she will get to pick out a great color for her cast!! and that does stink to have that happen on your vacation! It does kind of ruin it for everyone, when one is hurt and cranky! ;( But it looks like a beatiful place,I would to get the rental details later from ya!