Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the hubbs

My sweet husband surprised me with a fun date night which included a much dreaded (for him) trip to the movies to see Eclipse. Let me tell ya, this was really a generous effort on his part. So I am settling in to my seat next to Scott and I have my -7 week old baby mind you- in my lap and he makes a few tiny baby cooing noises. I hear the 17 year old girl behind me whisper to her boyfriend "Someone seriously brought a freakin' baby in here." I was shocked, she was DIRECTLY behind me. So I whipped my whole body around and gave her the stink eye. I tried to forget it, she's a snotty teen...on with the movie. Then Sawyer starts to wiggle and grunt and I know I am not going to be able to focus on anything but how noisy he is and not wanting him to cry. The grunting is getting louder and it seems as though I can't get my shirt up fast enough to nurse him because I am all panicky in my hurry and so he let's out one little 3 second cry. The boy in other teen couple siting behind us yells, "Are you *#%#ing kidding me.."
I was so mad!! Big burly Scott then turns around and says something, I don't even know what- I was so distracted. As soon as they saw who he was and that he had them in class they shut right up.
But by that point I was done and took Sawyer down to that little dark hallway just in case he needed to be taken out. So much for a quiet date night next to my hubby. Instead I stood in the hallway for 2 hours bouncing a baby and poor Scott had to watch Sparkly Vampires making out all by himself. Super fun. Love you hun!


GiGi said...

What a guy you married. By the way, what did you think of the movie??? No expletives please.

Rachel Garcia said...

AAWWW poor Jaime, and Scott-- Do you want to go again? Just the Girls?

Mamaappah said...

I'm sorry. Teenagers are out of control, good for Scott to remind them of how to behave.