Friday, July 9, 2010

Hair (long story)

I don't know if some of you have noticed, but our little handsome Connor has recently been sporting NO eyebrows.
Please observe:
Actually, it all started with this picture:
I noticed that he had a little bald spot on his hairline, about the middle of his forehead. I looked at his head and thought, weird maybe he had gotten a hold of some scissors and took a chunk out?
As time went on, I noticed that his eyebrows were looking sparse. Also weird, I never saw him even touch his eyebrows. I asked him what happened, to which he said he didn't know, and I kept a close eye on him. I even would watch him fall asleep to see if it was happening at night. Then when my family and friends started to notice his eyebrows I looked it up online and WOW was is the wrong thing for an over worrisome mother to look up.
Turns out if he was pulling out his hair himself there was a whole slew of psychological things that could be behind it. Like, a trama, stress, or abuse (that one scared the crap out of me) So, I immediately start to rack my brain of past incidents, or people he is in contact with when I am not there.
But all the things that they were describing about behavior and stress just did not fit Connor. He just wasn't that kid. It was about around this time that I realized that if he was pulling it out, it had been long enough that other hairs should be growing back in too and should be a little prickly. But when I felt them they were as smooth as could be, almost like they were Nair'ed off. Then the other day Scott took him to get a hair cut and the pretty much buzzed it. It was then that we saw about 3 other spots on the back of his head and we took him in to the doctor right away.
His doctor showed me pictures like this:
It looked EXACTLY like Connors!! She said he has what is called Alopecia. Random hair loss that is usually in round spots around the hairline or on scalp (I was told that one of the famous Princesses also had this) And we were lucky because it has another form that can take ALL the hair off of the whole body.
So, in the end.. Connor should hopefully have his eyebrows back within 12 months and be totally fine, except that it can eventually come back. But I am just ecstatic that we figured it out and he doesn't need any therapy!!


Kristina P. said...

Oh, wow! How scary, and relieving at the same time. I just read that there is a Miss America contestant with alopecia. She usually wears wigs when she competes, but she has been doing a lot of interviews, sans wig.

And you need to send me that SNuggie picture!!

Boyters said...

oh my gosh...that is so weird...but glad you figured it out and it wasn't anything to be super worried about (abuse, stress...)