Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9 months

Sawyer is cruising through this infant phase and is becoming a VERY active and BUSY toddler.

At nine months he walks around the house as long as he is holding on to something (including walls). He has let go and stood on his own for a half a minute but then crashes to his bum.
He has 3 teeth on the bottom and one on top, which is an eye tooth. It looks so weird.Every-single-thing goes in his mouth!
His hair has been coming in faster and faster and he is still a light brown/Blondie. And did I mention that it is CURLY!!!! I am beyond excited to have a little boy with light curly hair.
Sawyer weighed 23lbs at his last check up and that was about 2 1/2 months ago. This boy is solid.He is a super happy boy everyday unless he is sick. Although I have seen him get so sad because I can't pick him up fast enough and he puts his head in between his legs and lays it on the floor and sobs till I come to get him.He is fast, and can crawl away from me and hide under the table before I can even
take 2 steps.He's still nursing but loves carrots, pea's, banana's, and Cheerios's. He dislikes bread and sweet potatoes.
This boy has the best cheesy smile ever and somehow can pull a smile out of everyone he shows it to.
He has a love/hate relationship with our dog. He could play in the tub for an hour if we'd let him and he's a big ol' mama's boy. I'm not even gonna pretend that I'm not over the moon about that.


GiGi said...

Darling, darling boy. Give him a big kiss for me.

Auntie Jan said...

I want to eat him up!