Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

-Finding out that your hubby sent a kinda naughty "my eyes only" text to one of his best friends on accident.
-Trying to fix the said text situation above with as little awkwardness as possible.
-Eating a big mac in there anything messier?
-Hollering at my sister who is 2 isles over in the Walmart cosmetics section about which soap to buy and get the stink eye from an elderly lady who is between the both of us.

-Waking up to sunshine after weeks of snow and cold.
-Funyons and Cadbury Eggs.
-Finally convincing your frugal hubby that a trip to Disneyland is worth it.
-Good friends who like to spend time with you even in your messy house.
-THIS video!!


Cassi said...

OK, that video was HILARIOUS! It somewhat renewed my affinity for Mr. Hanks, despite his anti-Mormon antics.

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

Hey! Glad we got to hang last night!!! I should have taken a picture of everyone dangit!

Auntie Jan said... naughty boy!!!! (Way to go!!) Just be more careful next time!!! Loved the video!