Thursday, March 24, 2011

project parade

Thanks to the hubbs, I have had a ton of extra kid free time on my hands this week. I love spring break.
I have been sewing up a storm and just had to show off the fruits of my labor a little because I love this blanket SO much it's gonna be hard to part with it.

It is actually a blanket/play-mat for a darling little baby. Not this one but another one.


I just finished it and now I am racking my brain for others with new babies that I can make another one for! (heads up sista)

This ones super cute too:

It's a manly monster tooth fairy pillow.

And this is a fun baptism towel that has a super cute poem that goes with it.

P.S.- To all my sewing friends out there, Let's Swap!! If you have a favorite project or pattern that you would love to fill me in on I would be extremely grateful. (I still have 3 days left of this break) I'll send you some of my fav.'s too. Email me.


meg baker said...

Jaime- Have you ever checked out Most of these patterns are for quilts, but a they post a few creative projects. I love love love these free patterns. Your projects are adorable. Enjoy your sewing time.

Jaime said...

Thanks Meg, I actually got the idea from moda bake shop. Her's is much cuter but on a JoAnn's budget I guess it turned out alright.

Kara said...

Umm.. I have a new baby :).

Sam said...

You should take a peek at the circle skirt at You can make a little girls skirt in less then 30 minutes, seriously. There's like 2 steps. I'm going to make myself one in the next few days... I've been crafting and sewing a TON lately, I'll be posting my own projects soon enough :)

Rachel Garcia said...

Are you going to be selling these at our table in Bonanza???

Cassi said...

I'm in love with that blanket! I can't wait to get preggers so I can get one :)