Sunday, April 24, 2011


This post has been written for some time but just now posted.
After 6 years I have a new calling at church.
I am leaving behind my sweet little Primary kids behind and entering the world of hormones and teenagers.
I am the new Young Women's president.
I'll admit it. I am slightly terrified. I have never once held a calling in YW's and I don't know how to teach teenagers.
I can do bugger eating sunbeams, I can do loud and sassy 9 year olds and last minute sharing times but I just don't really know how to do the teen thing.
When all is said and done I am excited for the change. I'm ready. I have the BEST councilors working with me and some pretty awesome girls to get to know.
Deep Breath.


GiGi said...

What greater example could there be than you for this job!!!!!!!

meg baker said...

You will be so fantastic. I love young women's. Good luck and you will be so great!

Boyters said...

You are going to be so awesome. I was in YW for a year in the ward I am in now. I LOVED it. the girls were so awsome. I cried so hard when they released me.

Laura said...

Ha! You have to be in charge of bratty teenage girls like I was! I will pray that they are more like you were. How fun!!!

Kara said...

Wow, didn't get much of a break, huh :)??? That's what you get for being so awesome and righteous Jaime!! That is exciting!

Cassi said...

EEEEeeeee! I'm sooooo excited! And I can't believe how amazing you already are. It's going to be great :)