Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sawyer is by far my worst napper. He takes as many naps as my other kiddo's did but his do NOT last long at all!!!

I guess you would say he is a light sleeper? We have tried turning on a fan. Then 2 fans. Nada.

Anyway, this is how I found him yesterday morning after I came upstairs from switching laundry.

He is so funny.

He is WALKING now!! Yippie! So he is all over the place and into even more than he ever was. I need to get new locks for cupboards and closets every day.

He is also talking a ton. He added dog, wuff (what a dog says), and thank you to his vocab.

He is still a solid kid but has been at a steady 24lbs for the last 2 months.

Oh, and he falls asleep every night with his Daddy listening to Les Mesirable. It is so sweet.

I really can't believe he will be one next month.

Slow down.


Rachel Garcia said...

I have a sound machine if you want to borrow it!

olsens said...

He falls asleep with me every night listening to Les Mesirable

Jaime said...

@ my lover-He does and I am super jealous, I just added that to the post.

@Rachel- I would love to take you up on that!!!